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Miniature Oil Cans, Taps and Dyes, Tape Measures, Millers Falls Tools, Stanely Tools, Craftsman Tools, All Types of Wrenches (Pipe, Monkey, Wagon, End, Coes, Billings, Rigid etc), Shoe Making Tools, Leather Working, Great Variety Of Hammers, Draw Knives, Spoke Shaves, Iron/Wooden Planes, Molding Planes, Gimlets, Levels, Plumb Bobs, Yankee Screwdrivers, Hand Drills, Coping Saws, Fret Saws, Ladles, Brass Hose Nozzles, Wooden Fold Rules, Cabinet Maker’s Special Screwdrivers, Funnels, Hand Saws (Keystone, Stanely, Disston), Hand Augurs, Plyers, Cutters, Tongs, Nail Pullers, Banana Knives, Chisels (Buck Brothers etc), Whet Stones, Chisels, Saw Sets, Cabinet Scraper, Hammer Handles, Misc. Tool Handles, Copper Sauder Irons, Augur Bits, Wooden Braces and Brace Bits, Breast Drills etc.

Machinist/Blacksmith Tools: Tinner’s Snips, Sheers, Small Motors, Bolt Cutters, Iron Jacks, Clamps, Saw Vices, Mid Century Electric Drills and Saws, Hack Saws, Paint Scrapers, Antique Brushes, Grind Stones, Stevedore’s Hooks, Sears Robock Bench Lathe, Mycrometers (Starrett etc), Machinist Rules and Squares, Gauges, Scribes, Hand Vice, Machinist Vice, Glass Cutters 

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